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Using Reddit as a Promotional Platform

Reddit: the front page of the internet. It sounds a bit cliché, but a cursory look over the website will show you that it is an accurate moniker. It’s a website that houses a massive collection of forums on any topic you can possibly imagine. These forums are called subreddits and can be identified by the URL r/insertnamehere. There is a subreddit for everything. r/brassband? You got it. r/horrorporn? Coming right up. r/flatearth? No problem. There is a niche for every interest, hobby and issue on the planet, so it’s no surprise that Reddit is in the top 20 most visited websites. With that many visitors, it's worth exploring how it can be used to market services and products as a sex worker.

The first thing to do is familiarise yourself with the platform. Reddit has a points system called Karma. When you create a post, an upvote on the post will gain you karma while a downvote will decrease your karma. Similarly, if you comment on someone else’s post your comment can be upvoted and downvoted which will also contribute to your karma score. The more upvotes your post has, the higher up a subreddit it will go which will in turn lead to more upvotes and karma points.

Your karma score is visible to everyone who views your profile, as well as all of your posts and comments you’ve made on various subreddits. It’s a good way to gauge how active a user is on Reddit and therefore how reliable and genuine they are. On subreddits that advertise escorting services for example, this is a useful way for to identify if a potential client is legitimate. Some subreddits restrict settings so that only users with a minimum number of karma points can post. This weeds out spam/bot accounts that post ads and scams. You’re more likely to gain followers if your karma score is higher, as that tells users your posts and comments are generally popular and could be worth looking out for.

So that’s karma. The next question is, which subreddits do you follow? Spend some time searching key words relating to your niche. For a Domme this could be searching for fetishes they specialise in; for an online sex worker this could be searching for platforms they are active on. Have a look through the related subreddits and see which ones you could contribute to and learn from. If you have a keen interest in watersports, join r/watersports. Follow the feed, upvote posts you like, comment and contribute to discussions, and post your own content. At the end of it you should be following a bunch of subreddits whose posts will populate your homepage. You’ll find places to post your content and gain followers, as well as places to connect with colleagues in the industry and share knowledge. By contributing to these subreddits you will gain karma, gain a following, and in turn gain business. Note: when you post, don’t include your links in the post! I know it feels counterintuitive, but I’ve found that posts tend to get more engagement when they don’t have a URL in the text. Keep your links in your bio – when people want them, they’ll seek them out. Also, have your Reddit profile picture the same as your Twitter, Instagram etc. I know that’s Digital Footprint 101, but just incase you don’t – it makes it easier for people to find you if your image is consistent across your platforms.

There is so much more I could say on the topic, so if you’re interested in Reddit as a marketing tool then be sure to drop me a message. You’ll be chatting with Flat Earthers and producing horror porn in no time.

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